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I'm Oscar Cesante, a business entrepreneur.

I own a full media productions and online e-commerce store. I am a video production and photography professional as a freelance. When I began my career and passion I expanded into all forms of an arts-related work since then. I also ventured into social digital marketing and advertising. I love and enjoy the fast-pace entrepreneurship environment.

For me, there is no better way to serve my clients, helping them with better service in fields that we  know best. 


Contact Number - 587-432-4295







Abbey is our Social Media Manager. She's experienced in all social media platforms including Google +, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest, She's able to ensure the growth of your thriving communities on social media networks With a professional know-how of major social media trends and expertise in developing social media marketing strategies, She had been successful in providing the value to customers that they deserve. Abbey is adept at community engagement activities using ethical techniques like crowd-sourcing and viral marketing. Her knowledge also includes forecasting and measuring analytical results and ensuring that these results conform to customers’ standards. Furthermore, Abbey has extensive experience working with high-traffic websites which would help her manage the technical aspects of social media management. This coupled with a diverse ability to communicate complex ideas in an effective manner.



Alex Sundar is a Calgary based entrepreneur. He excels at organizational leadership and communication and brings passion that has expanded in all areas of his work. Prior to monkey media marking he has ventured into many different businesses and has a vast knowledge of the social media empire and what it takes to build an online presence. 


He is truly passionate about his work and finds nothing more enjoyable then working with business owners and helping them expand their online presence. 




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