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Virtual Assistant: 8 Signs You Need Help From Them

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

Owning a small business can be so stressful sometimes and that's a fact you can't run away from. As an entrepreneur, we all share that same entrepreneurial stress, struggles, and woes when trying to grow our own business. But we must admit we are not superhuman, even a superhero needs a sidekick. That's why we believe that every entrepreneur should need a virtual assistant. 

But how does an entrepreneur knows that he really needs to hire a Virtual Assistant? 

Here are the 8 signs why you need help from a Virtual Assistant: 

1. You're completely overwhelmed with administrative tasks. You work during weekends and stay up late on weekdays just to keep up with admin duties. 

Administrative tasks is eating most of your time, recording of invoices, bookings appointment with clients, file management, email management, customer service, and more. You can't keep up with this bunch of tasks forever! You have a life to live, a family to cherish. Time is money, but health is wealth. Don't get exhausted and tired if you can just hire a virtual assistant. They can simplify your life as an entrepreneur, run your business when you're with your family or when you're on a vacation or when you do what you love to do. 

2. You got a lot of ideas and projects in your mind that could help you grow your business but you got no opportunity to do them cause your busy running your day to day business engagements. 

Ideas are clouding your mind when you're positive about your business. You see a lot of opportunities to grow and projects to starts, you get excited with results and you're willing to do what it takes to get it started. But these clouds of ideas keeps fading away when you were not able to kick start even step 1 of those projects. Why? Cause you simply got no time to get it started.

3. Tired of the doing the same routinary task every day? But you're obliged to do what you hated doing. 

Boring- is the right word to describe a duty or task that you hated doing. Same day to day task will make you feel stuck. Hate doing data entry, blogging, social media graphic design, social media day to day engagements, research and there's more on the list? You feel like doing them does not really worth your time, then it's time to hire a sidekick -Virtual Assistant. 

4. You continue missing due dates that need to follow up and keep missing opportunities that can help your business grow. 

Meeting deadlines are almost impossible for you, just by doing tasks that waste most of your time. It's your business and you should be the leader and not the employee of your own business. 

Your precious time could have been spent attending a business conference, local network events, international business forum, and more opportunities to launch your business to the world and make a brand that stands out. 

5. You're stressed the whole day, the whole week and worst the whole month. 

Losing you're work-life balanced? Too much stress can affect your overall health, it can affect the way you decide for your business. Everyone needs a break and you deserve it, you became an entrepreneur at the first place so you can have more time for yourself while you love what you do, more time for your family while still earning. A Virtual Assistant can bring back that work-life balance you want, so you can still focus on the most important. 

6. You can't afford to hire a personal assistant.

You just wanted to hire a personal assistant who can work 2-4 hours a day or a week to do some job for you but you can't find anyone in your place who is willing to work in such a few hours.  A personal assistant might be too costly for you too. Hiring an employee would require a lot of money if you don't have a budget for it, you need to pay for health insurance or other required benefits and committing to paying taxes. A permanent employee may require full-time work and overtime pay and paid leaves. As discussed from our previous blog Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant, VA's can add flexibility to your business. 

A virtual assistant can work in flexible hours, do you know that you can hire someone for as low as $6.80/hour? Check our pricing at https://www.monkeymediamarketing.com/pricing. You can pay them at an hourly rate base without contracts, obligations and extra fees. 

7. You can't afford to rent an office space to accommodate employees. 

Renting an office space just to accommodate your employee is not a wise decision especially if most works are done online. That's one of the advantages of hiring a Virtual Assistant, they don't need a physical office to work for you compared to hiring a permanent employee which will double the expenses. 

8. Your business works can be done online. 

If you already have numerous tasks that you do online like email management, file management, social media tasks, admin task, and data entry tasks. You can definitely outsource them to a Virtual Assistant.

Our Virtual Assistant is located in the Philippines and they can work round the clock for your business, just pick the time you want and they are flexible for most hours. We have partnered with Filipino Virtual Assistance Academy that produces hundreds of potential trained Virtual Assistant every month. They can either be a real estate VA's, e-commerce VA's, VA's for medical practice and more. 

Want more?

Did you know that Monkey Media Marketing offers affordable Social Media Management and Virtual Assistant Services for your business? We will take away some of the hard part tasks of your business, and let our professional virtual assistant take care of the rest so you can focus. Check more of our services and what we do at www.monkeymediamarketing.com




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